Tuesday, March 30, 2010



179 google reader posts to weed through!

Get house in order for college roommate + baby for Friday visit!

Get mom a gift for her birthday!

Make pie for Easter!

Give dog a bath!


Buy groceries so I can stop eating out/eating random meals!  (ie deviled eggs, hummus and pita chips- hello?  veggies?  are you there?  no...

Write post about awesome bachelorette party in the Texas Hillcountry Wine territory!

Buy new computer!

Remain calm!!!

heh- I like how google reader is first...  but I will probably not catch up until next week...

in other quick updates:
I fell while running with CutCut and hurt myself decently but I'm ok.

Meatless month update to come at some point.

Thanks Diana for the vegoutaustin.com site!

1 comment:

  1. Dang girl, you need to remember to breathe with all of that going on!

    I still have used google reader, I need to jump on that. And I want to hear about the bachelorette party!!

    Hope you're alright after your fall and you get that doggie clean :)