Sunday, March 21, 2010

Negative v. Positive

I don't consider myself a negative person or necessarily a positive person.  Of course, I try to be a positive person but sometimes negative stuff gets me down.  Particularly when those negative things keep happening and seem to pile up and up. 

This post isn't all about all the negative stuff in my life but bear with me for a moment...  I think I said in an earlier post that the last couple of months have been pretty stressful with the move and all that but then all this little negative stuff kept happening.  CutCut got out of his crate not once, but twice!  The first time he got out he ruined a bunch of blinds and we came home to a house that from the outside looked like a bomb went off.  When I raced inside I forgot to lock my car and the next morning I discovered the face to my stereo had been stolen.  Bummer.  But strange that they only took my face...  The second time he got out it was at Scott's folk's place and again, he went for the blinds.  And he got hurt!  He rubbed the skin around his nose raw trying to get out of his crate and cut one of his dew claws.  Needless to say we have postponed further crate training... 

Anyways, so all this piddly negative stuff was going on all around me and I was really getting down.  A few weeks ago on a Monday, I was driving to work (not listening to the radio) and listing all the negative things.  Then I told myself "Stop!  If you keep up all this negativity it's going to keep happening and never go away.  Think positive, change your attitude and good things will start to happen." 

Forward to work.  I'm printing a ton of reports and go pick them up off the copier.  When I get back to my desk, I see a message on my phone from an unknown number.  I check it and it's some one named Neil who has something of mine I lost and to call him if I want it back.  I couldn't understand the message he left but I immediately start thinking about what I could have possibly lost.  I called him back and he says he has my bag and he works at a coffee shop in a town about 25 miles away. 

I could not believe this guy had my bag!  About 9 months ago I lost my bag in the smaller town because I put it on the trunk of my car and drove away.  Yeah, I know...  I looked and looked for it but didn't find it and figured someone else did.  I canceled my bank account on recommendation from my bank, had to go back to my old phone I'd just replaced, etc.  And this guy calls me and has my bag with everything in it just the way I lost it?!?  The craziest part of it is that the very next day I was going to be working in the same small town!  Weird...

But that Sunday before the guy called me, I had dinner with my parents and my mom told this parable about how we have two wolves inside, a negative and a positive and the one that wins is the one that we feed the most.  Later that day I read this post from Tracey at Tropical Happiness.

Same parable!  So weird. 

So I'm on a positive upswing- I feel good about how things are going and where I'm at.  I'd been considering getting a new stereo for my car anyways...

For more on positivity check out this post over at Andrea's Wellness Notes.

Hope you all had/are still enjoying a great weekend!


  1. I typed out a huge comment this afternoon at work and it erased it--boo!

    Anyways, I think that is just amazing that that dude called you and found your bag. What are the chances of that and with the fact you will be back in that town?!

    I love that parable and printed it out today at work and now have it at my desk. I had an AHA moment this morning because I was in a straight up foul mood and then remembered that I can choose to be happy and have control over my attitude.

    Let's make this a great wk!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Glad you got your bag back!