Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meatless and Workouts Update

This past Sunday was the two week mark for no meat for me and Scott.  I haven't had many cravings for meat or felt like I was missing out or anything like that.  I've only craved meat twice and both times were for fish.  The first time was when I was out in the field and forgot my lunch at home.  I went to a sandwich place and the only veggie option was cheese.  Begin immediate craving for tuna sandwich!  The second time I had a craving I was on my way home and passed one of my favorite sushi places and thought "Yum!  Sushi for dinner tonight!...  oh wait...  that has fish...  bummer..." 

But other than that it's been fine as far as cravings go.  My energy level is normal (well, except for the hit from springing forward!) and my stomach is on par. 

I have had some challenges with eating out though.  I went out for Chinese for lunch one day and there was no veggie option on the lunch menu and the waitress wouldn't let me sub tofu.  Lame!  I ended up having to order off the dinner menu which was a huge portion of course.  Other than that I'm just kind of bored of the veggie burger or roasted vegetable sandwich options.  Granted, I don't need to be eating out that much anyway but still! 

I have been making really good stuff at home- eggplant parm, tofu yellow curry, fritatta, broccoli cheese soup.  I actually kind of messed up the soup but it's pretty tasty anyway.  It's a tad watery...

Training is coming along but slowly.  I can't seem to get over the 5 minute mark.  Maybe this will be the week...  I've been working on putting together my home gym and it's finally usable so the other day I did a quick elliptical workout.  It's slightly squeakier than it used to be and CutCut came in and barked at it while I worked out- which I thought was funny.  We have been having pretty gorgeous weather around here so I think I might make my next workout a walk/jog around Town Lake.

Do you think it's difficult to find good vegetarian options when dining out?  I always thought of Austin as being a pretty veggie-friendly city but now I'm starting to think maybe not so much.  Maybe I just need to try some new places...


  1. Portland is pretty "granola hippie" so vegetarian and vegan opportunities are available out there.

  2. http://www.vegoutaustin.com/ :)