Friday, March 19, 2010

Impromptu Thursday

Man, I am so glad it's the weekend!!!  I've been trapped in a training class all week that has dragggged!  Yesterday I got home from work to find CutCut had been up to some serious mischief and was now in need of a bath...  So I headed over to my friend's (and now neighbor!) to chill in the yard while CutCut waited in stinky shame at our place. 

We basked in the sun and sipped on some Ska Red Stripe Ale.  So good!  This beer hails from Durango, CO and is delish.  I used to go to school up there so that's how I heard of it and they recently started carrying it down here- very glad! 

After I got home, wrestled the pup into the tub, and gave him a good scrub down, I was ready to eat!  It was a farmer's market/local feast!  I popped some cauliflower (from the farmer's mkt) into the oven to roast up while I put some sliced tofu I basted in local spicy mustard (farmer's mkt) and pepper sauce from the Silver K Cafe (in Johnson City, TX!)  This pepper sauce is seriously awesome- I eat it on almost everything and one bottle has not lasted me long.  I am dreading running out of it...  I also sauteed some farmer's market mixed greens (kale, brussle sprout leaves, chard and brocolini) in some garlic.  This meal was freakin' awesome!  I really need to start posting some pictures- I think this meal really motivated me to locate the necessary hardware!

Despite my delicious veggie-meal I had a really weird dream last night...  I was eating a huge, juicy rib that was the size of a person's leg.  For real.  I kept saying how good it was and I ate the whole thing.  It was like some sort of Flinstone's rib...  Thoughts?  I should look it up in my dream dictionary.

Happy Weekend!


  1. LOL @ your dream---very weird indeed. It's always interesting to go to a dream dictionary and see what it's supposed to mean.

    That beer looks good and I love the name of the company--it brings me back to my HS days where all I listened to was ska!

  2. i need to hit up the local farmers market soon!