Sunday, April 4, 2010

Well my to-do list is taking a hint from Alice in Wonderland and is shrinking and growing like crazy!  Let's see...

179  225 google reader posts to weed through!

Get house in order for college roommate + baby for Friday visit!  Check!

Get mom a gift for her birthday!  Check!

Make pie for Easter!  Sort of check if by "make pie" I meant purchase cake...

Give dog a bath!  Fail

Work!  Grrr...  check

Buy groceries so I can stop eating out/eating random meals!  (ie deviled eggs, hummus and pita chips- hello?  veggies?  are you there?  no...  I think this is a fail.  I've been trying to eat up stuff since I'm out of town this coming week

Write post about awesome bachelorette party in the Texas Hillcountry Wine territory!  Fail- but still coming!

Buy new computer!  Fail but bought an awesome new phone instead that will help me with my blog addiction.  It's kind of a computer so I'll say check!

Remain calm!!!  Check!

Pack for out of town trip.

Research food options for out of town/pack cooler.

Not too bad...

 Thanks for reading my boring to-do list.  Do you make lists- I'm a list fanatic for sure... 

Rollin' with the homies!
 I just had another awesome weekend!  I am on a roll!  My old college roommate came into town with her new baby (well 7 months old) and it was so fun!  Alina is one of those people who is not a constant figure in my life but whenever we are connected it's just like old times and we can pick up right where we were.  I think it's been at least 3 or 4 years since we last saw each other but it's so comfortable and... well it just feels nice.  We had a really good time hanging out on Friday- I stayed up sooooo late I thought I might see the sun rise!  I love my peeps!

Meatless Update:
All last week my coworker kept asking me if I was excited to eat meat again.  The answer: not really.  Not excited.  I was excited to eat fish again though!  Thursday was Scott's last day from the show he was working on and he was off early so we went and got sushi!!!  So good!  We had such a fun date night- sushi, hit up our new local bar with a pal, then the two of us headed back to the casa and jammed out to the radio and had a dance party on our porch with CutCut.  Oh yeah, meatless update...  So I will be eating meat again.  I really enjoyed eating vegetarian but right now there's just something that doesn't feel right about cutting out food groups.  I think I will be more selective about the kind of meat I eat, etc.  For instance, our friends were grilling steaks last night but I know my folks are having red meat for Easter dinner tonight so I passed on the steaks.   We'll see...  I have been reading The Case for Vegetarianism and it does bring up some good points.

The things I didn't enjoy while eating vegetarian were:

*Having to explain what I was doing to everyone.
*Eating out was boring at times.
*I really wanted fish!
*Going to my parent's for dinner was the worst.  I felt excluded in some ways, I think mainly because my mom forgot what I was doing so I had to make my own food and it felt a little awkward.  Something similar happened at Scott's folk's but they rolled with it better than mine did.

What I did enjoy:

*I really felt good.  I don't really know how to explain it but I didn't feel as heavy after I ate my meals.
*I liked coming up with good meals on my own.
*It felt nice to do something for 31 days.  I accomplished what I set out to do!
*It is helping me evaluate my food philosophy.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I definitely make To Do lists. I have them in my iphone.

    I would have a hard time giving up fish. I could give up meat again in a flash but I love sushi too much!

  2. Props to you for remaining calm---with all of that, I think I would be running around crazy!!

    I love friends who you haven't seen in forever then see each other and pick up on things like it was just yesterday you saw them :)