Thursday, October 29, 2009

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I wonder how many post out there have that title...

Well I guess it's safe to say that starting a blog when you already have a fairly hectic life AND right before you go on vacation is probably not the smartest thing to do...

Needless to say I have been busy with all the regular stuff and topped it off with a trip to the Magic Kingdom in Florida!  My parents and little brother had a conference there and my brother brought my almost four year-old niece along to go see Mickey and Minnie so I decided to make it a family affair and go too!

I was kind of worried about it being hard to eat healthfully there since my only memory of Disney World happens to be 20 years old and full of Mickey-shaped ice cream and churros but I found myself pleasantly surprised!  Either they have done a major overhaul on the food there or I just wasn't paying attention to things like salad when I was a kid!  It did cost an arm and a leg, that's for sure!  I had plenty of salads and even fresh fruit.  The fruit was probably the cheapest thing you could get in the park.  They had apples, oranges, and bananas for $1.  But you can compare that to the $3.25 I paid for a slice of pineapple!  I did splurge when we went to Wolfgang Puck's restaurant at the Disney Marketplace.  They had an Oktoberfest menu and I figured since he's Austrian I should be enlightened!  So worth it! 

Our hotel had a really nice gym that I used only once on the first morning I was there.  The first day was spent at the park with just my mom and my niece so I got a great afternoon workout of carrying Bella all through the park on my shoulders!  The remaining days my brother, dad and I took turns with the sack of potatoes! 

I know this is another post without any pictures but I wanted to post a little note just so the few of you know that I haven't given up and I'm still finding my groove with this whole blogging thing.  I'm multitasking right now by posting while simmering this awesome Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup I found on Closet Cooking.  Yum!  This guy posts the best recipes ever! 


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