Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday!

So since I'm just figuring out this blogging thing I'm kind of unprepared as far as photos go- my camera has photos on it since last summer!  But I will find my cord and I will put photos up at some point...  soon! 

My list of eats for today started with a Stonyfield Pomegranate Cherry yogurt with some organic pumpkin seed flax granola mixed in for breakfast.  I hadn't had this flavor of yogurt before and I thought it was really good- not too tart, not too sweet.  And the granola in it was awesome!  It's just from the bulk bin at the local food co-op here and is a first-time buy for me.

Monday is the only day everyone in my office is usually there so it's tradition to head next door to the Mexican food place for lunch to catch up.  They have really good soup but I'm having soup for dinner so I opted for the "Ladie's plate" which is a chicken soft taco and a guacamole salad.  They have the best corn tortillas and the taco comes wrapped in two of them but I usually only eat one of them.  Of course I had a few chips and salsa! 

I came home and immediately put on my workout clothes- if I sit down or get distracted for even a second it's really hard for me to get motivated!  I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and worked up quite a sweat!  I bought my elliptical off Craigslist and it was the best thing I ever did!  It's nothing fancy and it doesn't take up much room but it gets the job done.  Although I have noticed when I'm traveling for work and stay at a hotel that the bigger, fancier ellipticals make me workout harder!  This is probably due to resistance and stride- I don't think my elliptical has a very long stride but that's ok because I have little legs! 

I'm about to start up dinner- I have some tomato basil soup that is calling my name and I think I'll just scrounge around the fridge and see what I can toss into a salad.

Have a good night!


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