Thursday, February 18, 2010

Race for the Cure Recap

* In my neglect of this blog I found that I never actually published this post!  The Race for the Cure was November 1st.  Wow... 3 and 1/2 months ago!  Here you go!

A few weeks ago I participated in my first 5K, Race for the Cure.  My goal was not to run the whole thing- so not there yet!  But I wanted to see how long it would take and how I felt.  I planned on doing the 5K solo but the night before the race, my boyfriend said he wanted to run/walk with me instead of waiting at the finish line.  Awesome! 

Despite leaving early for the race, traffic was terrible and I knew we would be late if we didn't do something quick!  We ended up parking in a neighborhood near the race and figured we could just walk to the starting line.  Turns out we parked near the middle of the race!  Normally this is where I would start freaking out (I have weird timeliness issues) instead I took things in stride and said "why don't we just start here and do it backwards?"  Boyfriend was game so we hopped in the race with the non-timed runners.  We started running, well I started running and boyfriend walked briskly (he has long legs!).  It felt great!  I've been doing my run/walks solo so I can focus on myself and not compare myself to others which I thought was a good thing but now I'm rethinking that stance.  Running with my boyfriend next to me really encouraged me and pushed me to run longer and faster than I ever have before.

We "finished" the race, got some free swag (finally peanut butter and jelly Larabar!  Yum!), registered boyfriend for the race and headed to the starting line.  We ended up with all the walkers which was kind of nice.  We would jog where there was space between the groups and either walk when we came to a group we couldn't pass or gently weasel our way through them.  When we came to the part of the race where we jumped in, we jumped on out.  On the way home, boyfriend pointed out that one group of people thought we were cheaters for joining in the middle and another group thought we were lame and couldn't handle the 5K.  Haha!

It was a totally bass-akwards way of doing the race but it's one I'll never forget for so many reasons.  Yeah, I may not know what my exact time was and I definitely walked more than I planned the last half of the race but in the end I had a fun time and got to experience another "first" with my boyfriend!

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  1. Thanks for sharing even though it's from a few months ago :)

    I am running my first 5K in less than a month and am excited and nervous at the same time!

    And nice to know I am not the only person out there who is weird about time. If I think I am going to be late, I start freaking out. I'm a perpetually early girl!