Thursday, February 18, 2010

To the edge and back...

So I think it's been about a million days since my last post!  Things have been pretty hectic around here the last few months!  We got a dog and bought a house.  Add all the other life stuff (grandma, mom and dad health issues, planning friend's wedding shower, work drama, turning 30 (30!) etc...) and you have one crazy me!  The good news (aside from the aforementioned dog and house) is that I found my camera cord in the move!  The bad news?  I lost it again in the unpacking!  No worries!  I'm sure it will turn up by next week...

Dog story:

Four days after I ran the Race for the Cure my boyfriend called and told me to come down to where he was working to look at a dog.  It was 4:45 PM and my reaction?  "Umm, I'm not going to drive in 5 o'clock traffic to look at a dog." 

boyfriend: "We could keep him..."

me: "I'll be right there..."

I have wanted a dog for just about forever but always felt that my job was not conducive to owning a dog (I travel part of the time and work long hours) and my boyfriend's job requires him to work looooong hours as well.  But then I saw this dog and I knew there was no way I was leaving without him. 

He had been hanging around where they were shooting (my BF works in film) for the last 2 weeks, scavenging for trash.  He was so scrawny and had a horrible make-shift collar tied too tight around his neck.  I seriously got teary when I saw him.  He was so sweet albiet slightly skittish.  I got him home, fed and bathed him and we made fast friends.  My BF named him CutCut because he perked up his ear when they said "Cut!" through the walkie-talkie.

When I took him later that week to the vet, she said he was pretty healthy and about 1 year old. 
* I just want to say here that at first I thought "sweet- free dog!"  Yeah- most expensive free dog ever with all the shots, lab work, etc!  But soooo worth it!

We speculate on CutCut's back story alot- he is so sweet but took awhile to get comfortable.  He would cower if you walked up to him to fast or made any sudden movement.  He also had no concept of playing.  I think that was the saddest.  We had to teach him how to play with toys!  He's a fast learner- so far he sits, sometimes stays, comes to his name, lays down and shakes hands.  He's slowly putting weight on too.

Oh, and he's the cutest dog in the world! 
Now where's that camera cord...

House story: (not as long!)

My boyfriend and I started looking at houses in August and closed at the end of January.  My brother helped us and it was his first home sale.  There was craziness with our lender the whole time of the house buying process!  Some of this was due to our first loan officer being a wannabe Jersey Shore star and the other part was them not understanding that my BF is freelance, not self-employed.  There was other craziness mixed in with all that stuff but I really don't want to think about it, nor write about it!

We packed up all our stuff and moved in a weekend (Super Bowl Weekend!) and I had to leave town for work that same Sunday.  I was bummed to not spend the first week in the new house but in the end it was all ok.  We have a functioning kitchen and CutCut loves his new yard.  It's slowly coming together!  I was able to take the last 2 weeks in February off which has been great so far.  Lots of organizing!

Fitness update:

A few weeks ago I started a 12 week training program with a friend.  The goal is to jog a 5K at the end of April.  I've been doing pretty good with sticking with the workouts (slacked during the move!) and yesterday was our first time trial.  I did half a mile in 6:20.  Always room for improvement!  I had to walk a few times but I tried to keep it short and pace myself while running so I wouldn't get so out of breath.  We also did drills which include side-to-sides, hi-knees, butt kicks, skipping, etc.  Really fun!  I'm definitely feeling it today!

Ok- marathon post over!


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