Saturday, February 27, 2010

Meatless March Madness

When my boyfriend and I first got together he didn't eat meat.  He wasn't always a vegetarian and slowly through the course of our relationship he started to eat meat.  I think this is partially due to the fact that my dad cooks one hell of a steak...

I've never been a vegetarian.  I get asked if I'm a vegetarian quite a bit, but the reality is that I just enjoy veggie-themed meals.  And I don't like preparing meat at home that much.  You have to be careful what touches what, the trash gets smelly, etc.  Plus steak is like salad to me- much better when someone else makes it!  Scott (the boyfriend) isn't a huge fan of chicken and we don't really eat pork a whole lot either.  When I use meat at home it's usually ground turkey, chicken breasts, or fish.

A few weeks ago Scott said something about how he really got away from his veggie-eating days.  I think we were talking about how he introduced me to mushrooms and bell peppers (via pizza!) and thus began my love affair...  I mentioned we should go veggie for a month.  He accepted.

Now I have no idea if he will really do this with me.  He probably will.  But when I started thinking about how I have never not eaten meat I started to feel it was something I should do at least for a short pocket of time.  And then I thought about when we went to go see Food, Inc and I was eating a salad with chicken on it and I couldn't eat the chicken...

I'm not sure where vegetarianism lies in my brain.  I do feel the animal-rights argument as well as the environmental implications of a meat-based diet.  But I was raised in a household of meat, starch, veggie and side salad plates and that's kind of hard to break away from sometimes.  So I'm going to try it out for a month.  Maybe I'll even re-read The Case for Vegetarianism: Philosophy for a Small Planet.

So Meatless March Madness begins Monday!  All about alliteration around here!


  1. I just love that you used alliteration! Sorry, the inner geek in me coming out.

    I look forward to seeing what you all cook up and how it goes. I agree with you on the salads.....mine never taste as good as when I go to a restaurant or even Salad Creations.

    Read "Fast Food Nation" if you haven't already, there is a chapter on slaughter houses that scared me straight for a few months!

  2. you can usually get veggie options everywhere...especially austin! Even if you can't find it I'll order a dish and ask to take the meat off (sandwich for example) :)