Sunday, August 1, 2010

ffw>> 08.01.10

Ummm...  yeah...

It turns out blogging is slightly more difficult than I had imagined- it makes me really in awe of the folks that post three times a day.  Or even once a day for that matter...

What have I been up to since April?  If anyone is reading or I can just use this as my high-tech diary of sorts- a lot I guess!

Most exciting news is that I got a new job!  And I didn't find it myself, I was recruited for it!!!  That's right- they found me!  Very exciting.

Now that I don't work at my old job I feel much more comfortable saying that I was working for the state of Texas as an inspection surveyor for nursing homes.  Not so much fun.  Very high stress, kinda sad at times.  Good benefits though...

New job is awesome!!!  I'm actually working as a dietitian now!!!!  (Could I use any more exclamation points in this post?  *cue Chandler Bing voice*

I'm travelling a ton, ie 500 miles a week more or less, but I really love what I am doing and the pros of this job far outweigh the cons.  I do really miss my old coworkers though.  We were (are) family.  I've gone to happy hour with them once since leaving and a few phone calls here and there- I know I'll be keeping in touch.  They are the best!

The saddest news is that my grandma passed away.  I feel ok writing that on here 'cause I know only a few folks are reading and not that I want everyone to know but I feel like I should acknowledge it just so I have a written record if that makes sense.

I was insanely lucky to have one of the best grandmas ever.  I grew up a few blocks from her and we were really close.  She was a wonderful, amazing woman.  I will miss her immensely and always wonder if I caught on to everything she had to teach me...

The house is slooowwwly coming together.  As in we have 5 things hanging on the walls...  It's hard to commit once you own it and will have to deal with filling and repainting holes!  But the kitchen, dining room and my workout room are pretty much done and that's all I need for the most part!

Scott just finished up his tv show that he was working on- FNL if anyone watches.  It's finally done- whew!  We can have our life back!  We went to the wrap party last weekend and it was bittersweet.  Scott had been working on the show since the beginning (5 years!) and I guess working 12-16 hour days makes you kind of attached to your coworkers...  It was a good time but the emotions were pumpin'!

A few days before the end of the show Scott got a call to work as assistant locations manager on a 5-week indie film.  It's a great opportunity for him since it's 2 steps up from where he was on FNL.  I'm not too sure about the story but it's a true story about golf or something.  He says "the only thing more boring than watching golf is watching a movie being made about golf"!  I told him my grandma was frowning at him...

So far this post has nothing to do with health or fitness or food... hmmm...

One of the benefits of my new job is that I will actually have a set schedule!  Which means I can plan things!  I think Tiffany (my only reader) said today "failing to plan is planning to fail"- so true!

I've been at my new job for a month and it has been great for the planning side of my brain.  Sundays I make my meal plan and head to the grocery store.  I should devote an entire post to meal planning because it has changed my life and I will never go back.  I love not throwing away food.

I've been packing my lunch to take to work everyday so I don't have to take a lunch break.  Normally I would poo-poo on this but considering that most of my job sites are 1.5 hours away from my house means I want to get on the road faster!

Interesting fact- since I started my new job I have not been working out.  At all.  seriously.  Unless you count mowing the lawn.  Then I've worked out once.  seriously.  But I've lost 3 pounds.  I contribute this to the fact that I am packing my own healthy lunch, eating a good dinner when I get home and I'm not eating chips and salsa everyday with my coworkers.  (My old job was right next door to a tex-mex place).  Wow!  Kinda scary!

But the workouts re-commence this week people!  My girlfriend Rachel has been motivating me from the Eastern coast and I know she expects me to send her an update so I gotta get this booty movin'!  I see ellipticaling in my future!

Thanks, that felt good to get out!


  1. Congrats on the job!!! That's fantastic!

    Don't feel bad...I rarely post a lot on the weekend or when it's really busy. I just can't keep up either.

  2. Yay for the new stuff! Well, except your grandmother obviously but you were lucky to have her around for as long as you did. I lost my last grandparent at 14 and wish they were around longer so I could have got to know them better. But anyways, back to happy stuff!!

    Your new job sounds awesome and I'm glad you have a set schedule in a non depressing setting (which I imagine he nursing homes would be) and I want to hear more about your meal planning. It makes such a world of difference-financially and healthwise.